Please make sure your car is not booted. Any reservations booked after your car booted will be not valid.

Booking rules

Please read carefully the following rules before booking the parking spot. Failure to comply with the following rules may result in service cancellation. In case of violation of these rules the service fee will not be refunded!
  1. My guest(s) must abide by the guidelines set forth in my License/Rental Agreement and the Housing Rules/Regulation Sheet.
  2. Five (5) days is the maximum amount of time that my guest(s) may stay with me or any other tenant.
  3. Permission to have a guest may be revoked by housing management at any time.
  4. If my roommate(s) have any objections to having my guest(s), my guest(s) will leave.
  5. Order number must be displayed on your dashboard.


Service cost: From: $25.00

Select the property where the car will be parked

Please enter visitor’s first name, e.g. James

Please enter visitor’s last name, e.g. Donovan

Please enter the state where the car is registered, e.g. Colorado

Please enter license plate number, only letters and numbers

Please enter the car’s maker, e.g. Toyota

Please enter the car’s model, e.g. Camry

Please enter visitor’s phone number, only numbers, e.g. 9709401234

Please enter other guests’ names, e.g. Jane Mayers